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Dear Members, Assalam-o-Alaikum

Online earning, we at Hazard Droid and its team don't trust in it at all. These things are based on lies more than 90% but many members are interested in it. 
so just for their need and interest, we made this section temporary for testing. (which can be done permanent later). 
any wrong thread, fraud, in case of time waste of the members or any other type of fraud Hazard Droid does not take any responsibilities. 

Section Rules

  1. A member of any type of earning site, pages etc can create a thread with his/her refer link once only. same member creating multiple threads referring to the same site will be considered spam and will be banned immediately without any warnings
  2. sharing or asking for mobile numbers, email ids, etc. Is not allowed, doing so will also get you banned immediately. 
  3. it's allowed that if any site that is already shared by a member. but another member shares it again with his/her refer link, but threads should have to be written in his/her own words. No copy paste. 
  4. Thread should be written in english only other languages are not allowed. 
  5. It is necessary to provide a payment proof. Threads without payment proofs will not be published. 

Note: More Rules Can Be Added Later.

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