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Dear Members Assalam-o-Alaikum,

Our main goal at Hazard Droid is to teach and learn but we also try to full fill our member's needs and wishes. 
keeping this in mind we have added this section for you guys and we hope that this section will be very useful and beneficial for our members. 
In this section, our management team will try to prevent spam and fraud. 
But we will not be responsible for any type of fraud. 
to stop fraud mods will review all threads meaning if anyone creates a thread it will be published after complete research. If they found any chances of spam it will not be published. 

Section Rules

  1. In this section companies or members can only post once for an advertisement or job. 
  2. For All Advertisements, the threads should be created in an understandable manner with clear words
  3. Members can't share their emails or phone number rather than in a job advertisement. 
  4. For Job's Advertisements, it's necessary that job ads should be taken from an authentic newsletter/newspaper. And it should be in image format and must be given with the source. 
  5. The Thread will be active until the last of the advertisement afterwards the thread will be closed if there is no last date mentioned in the ad it will be closed after 15 days. 

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