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    FlexApp - HTML Landing Page Template

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    Overview FlexApp is a professional smartwatch application landing page. Generate leads, attract visitors, find users and buyers of your application. Allows you to customize the primary color of the template, has a fully functional contact form General features 4 Different template page layouts Parallax effect Fully Responsive Layout (PC, Tablet and Mobile phone) Google fonts Full & well-written documentation HTML5 & CSS3 Smooth transition effects Font awesome CTA Stick navigation and smooth scrolling between anchors Resources used jQuery jQuery Migrate jQuery UIToTop jQuery Cookie Device js Wow Owl Carousel 2 Smooth Scroll Countdown Vide Swiper Slider
  2. Overview FlexApp is a professional smartwatch application landing page. Generate leads, attract visitors, find users and buyers of your application. Allows you to customize the primary color of the template, has a fully functional contact form General features 4 Different template page layouts Parallax effect Fully Responsive Layout (PC, Tablet and Mobile phone) Google fonts Full & well-written documentation HTML5 & CSS3 Smooth transition effects Font awesome CTA Stick navigation and smooth scrolling between anchors Resources used jQuery jQuery Migrate jQuery UIToTop jQuery Cookie Device js Wow Owl Carousel 2 Smooth Scroll Countdown Vide Swiper Slider Download Here
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    Dear Member, Assalam-o-Alaikum This is what Hazard Droid is all about "THE WEB". And also most of our members are related to this in some way. The purpose of making this section is that our members can be advertised there websites, blogs or web hosting services for free And their hard work can be found useful. But we will not allow spamming at all. if a site is shared more than once, it will be considered as spam. Section Rules In this section, you can share your blogs, site, web hosting etc to reviews and suggestions but only once If you share your site more then once, it will be included in the Spam category. It is not allowed to ask/give mobile number, email ids, Facebook, Twitter etc. Sharing such informations are strictly prohibited. Note: More Rules Will Be Added Later.
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    Dear Members, Assalam-o-Alaikum Online earning, we at Hazard Droid and its team don't trust in it at all. These things are based on lies more than 90% but many members are interested in it. so just for their need and interest, we made this section temporary for testing. (which can be done permanent later). any wrong thread, fraud, in case of time waste of the members or any other type of fraud Hazard Droid does not take any responsibilities. Section Rules A member of any type of earning site, pages etc can create a thread with his/her refer link once only. same member creating multiple threads referring to the same site will be considered spam and will be banned immediately without any warnings sharing or asking for mobile numbers, email ids, etc. Is not allowed, doing so will also get you banned immediately. it's allowed that if any site that is already shared by a member. but another member shares it again with his/her refer link, but threads should have to be written in his/her own words. No copy paste. Thread should be written in english only other languages are not allowed. It is necessary to provide a payment proof. Threads without payment proofs will not be published. Note: More Rules Can Be Added Later.
  5. Dear Members Assalam-o-Alaikum, Our main goal at Hazard Droid is to teach and learn but we also try to full fill our member's needs and wishes. keeping this in mind we have added this section for you guys and we hope that this section will be very useful and beneficial for our members. In this section, our management team will try to prevent spam and fraud. But we will not be responsible for any type of fraud. to stop fraud mods will review all threads meaning if anyone creates a thread it will be published after complete research. If they found any chances of spam it will not be published. Section Rules In this section companies or members can only post once for an advertisement or job. For All Advertisements, the threads should be created in an understandable manner with clear words Members can't share their emails or phone number rather than in a job advertisement. For Job's Advertisements, it's necessary that job ads should be taken from an authentic newsletter/newspaper. And it should be in image format and must be given with the source. The Thread will be active until the last of the advertisement afterwards the thread will be closed if there is no last date mentioned in the ad it will be closed after 15 days.
  6. The design a company chooses impacts how a potential consumer perceives them. From color choice to style, different elements add up to create a first impression. This means that bad design – or lack of design – can have potential customers closing the browser and seeking other businesses. As a result, your company’s design can affect several components of your digital marketing strategy, and this is especially true of content marketing. What is content marketing? Content marketing is the practice of publishing content that does not directly advertise a company’s product or brand but generates interest in those things by providing relevant and helpful information. For example, Home Depot has an entire section on their site dedicated to DIY projects and ideas, where they publish guides and tutorials to help homeowners make simple repairs themselves instead of hiring a contractor or other professional. It provides homeowners with the information they needed to make repairs on their own and is broken down into different rooms in the house and categorized by types of improvement, like electrical and plumbing. Although these guides aren’t straightforward advertisements, the visitors who read them are likely more inclined to purchase the required supplies from Home Depot, rather than a competitor. The association of the guidebook – and helpful information – with Home Depot opens the door to the possibility of sales. How web design impacts content marketing Although these guides are primarily driven by content, Home Depot’s web design impacts how users access and read them. Accessibility One of the most important considerations in designing a content-heavy site is accessibility. If you publish informational content on your site, it needs to be easy to find and read. Your navigation should allow users to find the information they want, without clicking through pages of irrelevant content. If a visitor has to dig through page after page to get to the information they’re searching for, they’ll be likely to give up and visit another site instead. Creating a straightforward navigation setup with drop-down menu choices is a great way to help visitors to find what they are seeking and access it quickly. Appearance Visitors will make judgments about the quality and trustworthiness of your content based on how professional your site looks. Even if your content is easy to find, the design can turn people away. If your site looks outdated or is visually unappealing, users may be hesitant to consider you a valuable resource. You need to have a clean design that illustrates your professionalism and gives visitors confidence that they can trust your advice. Readability Along with the overall look of your site, your text should be visually appealing and easy to read. Too many fonts can be overwhelming and unprofessional, and you can typically stick to one font for titles and another for body copy. Choosing the right fonts and colors is essential for helping your visitors read and comprehend your content. You might publish the most helpful content available on a specific topic, but if your font color is too similar to your background, your visitors may not even bother to read it. Your body copy also needs to be clean and large enough to be read without a struggle. These details all seem minor but can have a major impact on how effective your content marketing strategy is with potential customers. Comprehension Many people are visual learners, and need graphics and photos to fully understand new topics and information. This means it’s essential to include visuals with all of your content. For example, one popular type of online content today is quick cooking videos with directions and ingredients for a simple recipe. People who watch these videos learn exactly how to make the meal or snack being shown, which makes it easier for them when they decide to try the recipe out for themselves. Regardless of your industry, visual content like photos and videos can help your potential customers get a better idea of how they can use your products or services. From a design standpoint, this means that your site’s layout should work well with visual content, and make it easy for readers to scroll through photos and watch videos. Designing a content-friendly site There are many different web design elements that play a role in content marketing, but the bottom line is that your site should be designed with your visitors and readers in mind. The easier it is for your visitors to find what they’re looking for, and the more enjoyable it is for them to read your content, the better results you’ll see from your strategy.
  7. background-color: none !important; A wireframe sketch is the initial hand-drawn design process, using paper and pen/pencil, of what a website design will look like. And to help you get inspiration as well as effective reference points, this article features 20 impressive web and mobile wireframe sketches. But first, you might be wondering why the heck you should create a wireframe sketch of your web design. A wireframe sketch is effective in that: You can capture your creative spark and fluidly sketch out your design. You can work with your client without committing anything to code, thus saving yourself time and number of actual design revisions. You get a relatively quick sample that you can show the client and then work off of – think of it as an outline to an essay. Basically, creating a wireframe sketch saves you time by reducing the number of revisions you’d need to do, and it helps you stay on track with your design by being a prototype you can work off of. So without further ado, here are 20 Web and Mobile Wireframe Sketches: Unlimited Downloads: 500,000+ Wireframe Templates, UX Templates, UI Kits & Design Assets DOWNLOAD NOW Hand-drawn Wireframe Sketches A nice touch with this sketch are the visual cues – such as the play button with the triangle and circle – which make the otherwise-stripped-down sketch detailed. You know that the rectangle is a media player rather than just some content to be decided on later. The above sketch uses highlighted numbers and zoom-ins nicely, which makes the entire sketch much cleaner and more readable. The column to the right of the sketch has all of the numbered text descriptions of each element, and the zoomed-in elements give more detail without cluttering up the main sketch. A complex and detailed sketch that uses illustrations nicely by showing an example of what would be contained in a rectangle and square element. It doesn’t just rely on text or the client visualizing it. Another nice use of illustrations. Despite the hand-drawn nature of the sketch, the details – the logo, a vivid splash image at the top – give a concrete prototype of what the final design will look like. Another solid illustration example. The arrow-using descriptions on the sides effectively explain technical details, like the width of the page being the width of the browser window. A nice grid design sketch. Using perpendicular lines that extend past the design reinforces the grid of the design, especially since hand-drawing a sketch can make an otherwise solid design appear loose and floating. A clean and crisp sketch that shows a fairly simple web page design in great detail. This design shows that you don’t have to be an artist to draw effective wireframe sketches. The squares are all warped, there’s not much artistic detail in the elements, and the text is crooked in places. Despite all that, you get a clear sense of how the design will look like and what each element will be. Ultimately, it’s about creating a wireframe with your sketch, not a finished stylized design. Another example of a grid design. Though the lines aren’t straight or there aren’t lines reinforcing the grid design, the elements are close enough together that you understand that the tables will be parallel to each other. Digital Wireframe Sketches A sketch of a mobile calendar. It’s not only detailed but wisely illustrates a pop-up when you select an element. This way, you can see how the design will function as well as how it will look. This homepage design gives you a clear idea of how the big elements – image, blocks of text – will look like without wasting time on “lorem ipsum” text and sample images. A grid design sketch that reinforces itself with vertical bars. You can see how each element will line up and where it’s located relative to other elements. This spare bare-bones sketch shows that, like with the hand-drawn sketches, you don’t need to be a digital artist wiz to create an effective wireframe sketch. A few squares, rectangles, lines, and pieces of text are enough to show how the design will be. Another example of a spare bare-bones sketch, this time showing a design that’s more complex. As long as the elements are where they need to be, different shades of grey are used to differentiate elements, and some simple text describes what each thing does (when needed), then you’re good to go. The homepage wireframe sketch of a social network that was shown in the previous sketch (which was the main/activity screen). Color is effectively used in this e-commerce sketch. The light blue illustrates what are buttons, and the rest of the rectangles in the sketch are either for text input or selectors. This sketch almost-finalizes all the essential elements (like buttons) while not wasting time on colors, background, and another styling whose a whats its. Shades of grey are used effectively here to differentiate images from the background, and the blocks of text give you a clear idea of how the real content and web page will look like. This sketch goes so far as to style the text, buttons, and other elements while not wasting time on colors, the background, and sample images. This shows that by completing the 20% of elements that are most important – while ignoring styling the 80% that isn’t – you can get an almost-complete picture of the design with only a wireframe sketch. Like with the above sketch, this wireframe sketch also focuses on styling only the 20% of essential elements while ignoring the rest. You get a very clear picture of what the final web page will look like without the sketch needing to add colors, backgrounds, and the rest. Do You Create Web and Mobile Wireframe Sketches? Over to you: What do you feel are the most effective reasons for wireframe sketching? Feel free to share them in the comments section below.
  8. As someone who has been on both sides of the contract, as a freelancer and as a client, one of the most welcome things you can possibly do for a freelancer is assist them with their job in a meaningful way. Are you the client from hell? When it comes to web development, that means two things. First, read through Clients From Hell and strive to never be "that guy." Second, be ready to present your web developer with a wireframe.When I say the word wireframe, what do you picture? If you’re thinking 80s CGI and polygonal models, you’re a bit off the mark. A web design wireframe is like that polygonal skeleton, but for a website. What's a wireframe? It’s a graphical layout and design that doesn’t require any coding, image manipulation, or even anything more than putting a pencil to a sheet of graph paper. Just check out some of these examples. A wireframe is an incredibly useful tool for a web developer. It shows them exactly what you have in mind and gives them an idea of the scale of various elements, the crucial elements you wantincluded in your pages. The wireframe is sort of the coding trickery they might need to implement to make it all happen.This way you don’t surprise them with “oh, and by the way, I want the navigation on the sidebar” or “hey, actually, can you make that static image a slideshow?” You’ll save time, you’ll save money, and you’ll save the blood, sweat, and tears of both you and your web developer. But wait! I'm scared. If you’re scared about the complexity of a wireframe, don’t worry about it. You don’t have to make a full-scale design of every page on your site. All you really need are the basics. You'll want to know where you'll have your navigation and what sort of layout you want for product pages. You'll want a couple of details about how many extra slots you need for article thumbnails or the other related products. Some of the wireframes in the gallery above are very simple, no more than a handful of boxes nested in other boxes, but it’s still enough for a web developer to get started.Plus, remember, it’s part of the developer’s job to help you refine the design. They can tell you “hey, this design is a little cluttered, what if we cut this and moved that over there?” Modern design is a key. They can tell you that modern design standards suggest you shouldn’t have your navigation on the right side in the gutter. They can use your wireframe as a base. It just cuts out the first five or six back-and-forth prototyping phases the developer would normally have to go through to get to this stage with you. Wireframes are also very easy to create, so long as you have and keep a vision of what you want your site to look like. I already said you can put a pencil to a sheet of paper and make one, but you can also use one of dozens of apps out there.The industry standard that I’ve come across is Balsamiq, which is free to try and cheap to buy. Or you can use other tools like Wireframe.cc, Moqups, or UXPin for web-based solutions.If you’d rather work from a tablet or mobile device, OmniGraffle works on iOS, Wire Flow works on Android, and Fluid UI works on both. Everything you make is a process. It’s really not as difficult as it looks -- or sounds. Remember, producing anything is an iterative process. Going from an idea to a sketch, from a sketch to a wireframe, from a wireframe to a more detailed design, and from there to a prototype is typical.Any amount of help you can bring to your developer will go a long way -- and trust me -- it’s greatly appreciated.